Brand Enigma Book

Brand Enigma

Brand Enigma provides a refreshing antidote to tired,conventional approaches to business development, marketing and innovation. The premise for this book is that the brand embodiesthe spirit of the business and, properly understood, can enable the enterprise to raise innovation, business development and performance to new levels.
Based on a proven method for deconstructing and rebuilding brands,the book outlines an alternative but stimulating, and highly effective method of putting the brand at the centre of the business.

At the heart of this approach is the Brand Dream Model. Developed and perfected over several years, the model has helped to generate breakthroughs for many of the worlds leading brands and corporations. It has also been applied to educational establishments and as part of a strategy development programme for a government department.
Using deceptively simple methods based on experiential, as opposed to analytical, techniques, the Brand Dream Process reveals the past strengths of the brand, its current characteristics and future potential. When the process involves everyone from the board to the marketing department and front line staff, it also generates ashared understanding of the business, its values and goals. Brand Enigma gives you the tools to put your brand and business in a class apart from the competition.

The Dream Cafe Book

The Dream Cafe

The key to business success and growth is innovation. But how do we become innovative? Creating the future means forgetting the rules that confine us and using our imagination to take inspired risks.

Embracing collaboration and uncertainty has long been a vital ingredient of success, beginning with the creative thinkers and doers of the avant–garde whose ideas and creativity thrived in café society. The Dream Café shows how businesses can learn from these counter–logical and irreverent ways. This book is a unique compendium of attitudes and techniques that will allow business leaders to survive and prosper in an unpredictable future. These tried–and–tested principles, already in practice at leading global brands, will enable you to formulate, refine and deliver big brand ideas that will disrupt and redefine the market.